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HUD rules are, in all reality, absolute minimal security requirements which is why state and county code always trumps it. I do have to research and be sure that’s the case in all states though (I know we are able to use water heaters from Lowe’s in WV).

PEX is used usually with shark bites and commonplace transitions from copper. You’ll simply take away the toilet and cap off the lines under the ground. You can often patch the subfloor so that you received’t have to switch an entire sheet. i have a 1993 double wide residence and i’ve zero use for the toilet Pets And Animal in on of the small loos. So, I was wondering if there’s a method to eliminate the toilet and completely seal of the bathroom drain, so that i can get rid of the bath and put in an enormous bathe. Yeah, it was probably leaking within days of the set up.

If I’m understanding right you may need to raise the tub on a platform. I’ve seen this accomplished in several houses so that the correct slope can be achieved for the draining of tubs and toilets. I do hope you’ll rethink PEX – it really is among the finest inventions in modern plumbing and I am not paid in any respect to say that.

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Lots of properties have already got a main valve shut-off and it’s usually positioned close to or with the water hose connection. As lengthy as you can get to that primary valve to close off all water you should be OK (ensure there’s access to the valve within the skirting – a door or a panel works properly).

You can drill a gap in the ground and punch the PEX through the insulation and belly wrap . Once you’ve discovered all your PEX underneath the home, run your trunk line . You can tape the belly wrap back along with stomach wrap tape. You’ll use the access panels to succeed in the ‘guts’ to the showers (when you don’t have one you’ll need to make one on the back side of the shower). If you have no flooring and easy access, perhaps pulling your subfloor up shall be easier however generally I suppose working from underneath is much less trouble.

Your skirting and pipe insulation goes to be your biggest safety against freezing. In WV, we only add tape to the pipe within the space between the ground and the inlet. I is not going to use insulation sleeves over tape (and I’m not sure it’s advisable in a lot of circumstances). An insulated box constructed around the pipe from ground to belly is a good idea too. With PEX sticks you must be able to reduce a small slit just on the connections so that you won’t have so much belly wrap to tape back up. If you utilize PEX rolls, you possibly can thread it by way of but lay the pipe out a couple of days earlier than the project to get a number of the curl out of it. At all your fixtures stick the pipe down by way of the ground first and then go beneath the home.

And there seem to be 2 sorts , direct vented and one in which DV is not required. When we changed our water heater we went to Lowe’s and bought one but I suspect some states like California have a much stricter code. (Thanks Lee for the info!) You will need to select between low boys and high boys and electric or gasoline. Your codes will range by state and county however there’s not a whole lot of variance from website-constructed properties.

If you’ll be able to cut/cap off the old pipe underneath the ground and use the same hole within the flooring for the brand new pipe that’s nice, if not, no massive deal. In this case I would in all probability just ensure I had quick access to a major shut off valve underneath the home . Along with a ‘key’ to close off the city water and a complete home shut-off valve you should be pretty nicely protected.